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Kunming offline technical training meeting ended successfully

The publisher:DTSRelease time:2017-12-20

"Kunming Station (December 16-18) offline training meeting ended successfully.
Each period has new faces, and of course there are eager masters who come to learn new knowledge in each issue. Today's social technology is so developed, technology research and development is constantly innovating, new things will eventually replace old things, and it is necessary to constantly learn new knowledge. Take the DTS brand diagnostic instrument, now it has been updated to the sixth generation, including monthly software upgrades, which are enough to show that software technology is constantly innovating, and everyone is learning endless. The purpose of training is not only to better share knowledge with everyone, but also to achieve better results in face-to-face teaching; more is to provide the functions of R&D products to those who need them.
From basic theory to practical operation, teach you how to repair a car. Don't just see the achievements of others, but ignore the hardships of the people. The bitterness of eating, the person is the person, the next stop, can I see your figure? “

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