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DTS is an explorer of the new format of Chinese diesel vehicle diagnostics industry. For many years, DTS has focused on the research and development, production and product updating of diesel vehicle diagnostics. DTS is the partner of FAW, China National Heavy Duty Truck and Continental. Since the creation of the first generation diesel vehicle diagnosticsour users are enjoying the easy maintenance service brought by DTS. In the diesel vehicle market, our sales are rising. DTS is striving to become a synonym for diesel vehicle diagnostics in China.

DTS philosophy is “sharing and win-win”. Its R&D team consists of graduates from Tsinghua University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, DTS has independent research and development capabilities in the industry. Based on the existing products and technologies, we can meet the customization needs of the OEM and carry out targeted development of “special customized models” to enhance and optimize different functional areas of the products.Under the support of strong technical research and development capabilities, DTS breaks the traditional mode of selling products and passively providing after-sales service in the industry, DTS launches a new model of “service + products”, that is, the flagship of cities in prefecture-level cities and above will be established one after another. The demonstration store shares the core technical achievements of DTS and provides proactive after-sales maintenance technical services and technical training for DTS product users.

DTS continues to improve the after-sales service system. Provide professional customer service answers to the user's problems and provide DTS remote diagnosis at the first time when the device software encounters problems. Various forms of technical guidance and training are used to help users master the functions of the products and achieve the best use. Provide one year warranty period, equipment hardware problems under normal use conditions during the warranty period, free replacement, and cost price repair service after one year.

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