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    Product characteristics

    DTS is positioning distinctively. In other words, instead of diversifying product lines, we focus on commercial vehicle engine testing and strive to ensure vehicle safety. We are the one and only company dedicated to the R&D of commercial vehicle detector for 11 years in this field. Under support of the strong technical capacity, DTS launches the "product + service" new business model, breaking the traditional mode of the detector sales ----- concentrating on selling products, and passively providing after-sales services for clients.

ACM CUMMINS SCR diagnostics driving function, SANLI SCR diagnostics driving function,Bosch 2.2&6.5 SCR diagnostics driving function, TIANLAN SCR diagnostics driving function, CUMMINS (EMITEC and ECOFIT) SCR diagnostics driving function, KAILONG post-treatment DCU underlying program mutual flash function.


*Support for nitrogen oxygen sensor testing

*Support the same kind of the engine at the underlying data diagnostics and version updating function (DCD, DACHAI, SDEC, WEICHAI, WEIFU, YANGCHAI, YUCHAI, SFH, YANGCHAI Power, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, DONGFENG Renault, HUMMER Power)

*Exclusive support CAN line to read the all-range EDC17CV44 / 54 function (the underlying data, control program, calibration data)

* Support for hybrid power

*Exclusive support EDC7 / EDC16UC40 for underlying data diagnostics

*Support WEICHAI, CUMMINS Euro IV for EOL calibration (idle speed adjustment,  maintenance light reset and etc.)

*Support the diagnostics and diagnostics of diesel engines from WEIFU (Euro IV), DACHAI, WEICHAI(Euro IV), YUCHAI(Euro IV), DCD(Euro IV), GENLYON, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group(Euro IV)

*Support original programs from YUCHAI and HENGYANG single pump

*Support operating systems on Android phone, tablet, notebook and etc. 


DTS Smart Version



DTS Smart Version



DTS Smart Version



DTS Smart Version



DTS Smart Version


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