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    Product characteristics

    DTS Mate Pro series commercial vehicle diagnosis, brush write, calibration and aftertreatment test bench multi-function detector more powerful, faster, more accurate, more secure; New hardware and software, new platform, National Ⅵ comprehensive coverage, improve read and write speed, Integrated without disassembly, automatic scanning OBD pins, National Ⅵ one-click entry, National Ⅵ data automatic matching, National Ⅵ MD1 series mutual brushing function in one;

Product Parameter:


Windows    Operating system: Windows

Display: Laptop tablet

Automatic remote upgrade via the Internet

Exquisite compact support WIFI easy to carry

-10~45℃  Operating temperature: -10~45℃

DC7~32V  Operating voltage: DC7~32V

IP30   Protection class: IP30

Connection: WiFi connection/wired connection

USB port: high-speed USB port

OBDⅡ connector: Standard OBDⅡ connector

Printer: External printer (optional)


DTS Mate Pro diagnostic instrument is a multi-functional device that integrates the functions of engine detection, calibration, brush write and aftertreatment test bench

  Easy to operate

* New platform
* New hardware and software
*National Ⅵ comprehensive coverage.
*Integrated without disassembly.
*Improve read and brush write speed.
*Bosch autonomy Cummins fault code optimization function.
*National Ⅴ,Ⅵ Delphi read and brush write.
*Natural gas:WoodWard ECOM Bosch, National Ⅳ, Ⅴ, Ⅵ diagnostic and brush write calibration.
*Automatic scanning of OBD.
*National VI one-click entry.
*National VI data automatically match.

*National VI MD1 series mutual brushing.
*Real-time automatic detection of OBD voltage.
*Bosch autonomy Cummins power improvement function.
*DENSO read and brush write.
*BCM and instrument panel brush write.
*Key matching.
*Aftertreatment on-vehicle and under-vehicle drive.

Aftertreatment  system test stand:Bosch 2.2/6.5(12V 24V), Bosch 2.0, Cummins ECOFIT, Cummins UL2.2, CNHTC 2014, CNHTC 2015(with heating and without heating), CNHTC National Ⅴ gas drive (Stepper motor version), Emitec (Cummins Yuchai sanli), Emitec III, Tenneco (1.0 1.5 6.0), Kailong, PowerGreen, WEVO (Yuchai), Cadus, FAW autonomy gas drive, Xi 'an Qintai, Henghe, Dinex, Yili Lanjie, ACT Blue, ECOCAT, Chongqi CVS, FAI ELECTRONICS, Hefei Shenzhou, component testing (nitrogen and oxygen sensor testing, various solenoid valve testing, exhaust temperature sensor, ambient temperature sensor, liquid level sensor testing), urea quality sensor test, EGR valve test, PM particle sensor test

· Compatible with Special inspection software: Compatible with Cummins 8.7 and Calterm 4.7 Engineer Edition black label, compatible with OH6 natural gas special inspection software, ECOM Natural Gas, Yuchai autonomy, pure electric (Hager, Yutong, Auman, Liberation, Santroll), compatible with CAN analyzer, etc

Support for original factory programs: CAT, HINO, Volvo, SCANIA, Isuzu original factory specific program 

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