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Onlookers upgrade, the latest date is 20180820!

Publisher:DTS   Release time:2018-08-21

Tips: When upgrading, use the USB cable between the diagnostic box and the computer, no need to connect the diagnostic box WIFI)

Ikekate added SCR FAI pump drive test

Engine interface into DCU SCR

 Click on the exhaust SCR

Entering the Ikekate SCR System

Sanli SCR diagnosis added 20170717 main program

 ECU programming into post processing

 Click DCU SCR  diagnosis

After diagnosis, SANLI SCR

Add 20170717 main program

New CNHTC TFT instrument diagnostics

ECU programming into China National Heavy Duty Truck

Click on China National Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostics

Enter the body CBCU / VCU / BCU / MINI / instrument system

CNHTC  TFT instrument diagnostic function

Updating the data flow of Shangchai Electric Power State 4, Yuchai National 5 4Y20 Fault Library, Kerry Fault Library, Qintai SCR Fault Code Base, JAC Navistar Continental Electronic Control Fault Code Data Flow

Optimizing the diagnostic and configuration functions of Dongfeng Fengshen Electric Pack 4

ECU programming into Dongfeng commercial

Click Dongfeng Commercial Diagnostics

 Dongfeng Fengshen Electric State IV diagnosis and configuration



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